About my fairy book!

Awards and Publications:

  • My piece, "The Artist," won in her category in the International Art Doll Registry's "Art From The Soul" show, and also won Best In Show for the year 2015 in her category.
  • I'm VERY honored to have been given the "Rising Star" award from the International Art Doll Registry for 2015!
  • My work has been featured in an article entitled "My Journey as a Figurative Artist", 2016 Winter Issue of the EMagazine  "A For Artistic"

My little dolls are in private collections around the world.

I've always had so much fun making things--I've knitted, painted, sketched, beaded, sewed, sculpted, you name it, I have tried my hand at it. Some things stuck and I delved more into them, experimenting and just having fun. But who knew then how all the crafts and arts I've learned and enjoyed would some day be utilized within my most favorite thing of all--sculpting!
I really just enjoy creating beautiful things that make people smile. It makes me happy too.

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One of a Kind Hand Sculpted Art Dolls by Leann Marshall


At left and below are illustrations from my children's story/picture book,

Little Fairy Afraid,

I wrote and illustrated the book myself, filling the pages with my own sculpted fairies and animals placed into scenes I created or painted. A few illustrations I painted or sketched.

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Little Fairy Afraid